Reaching fulfilment in the post-modern era
the sense of self and the encounter with others

May 22-24, 2008


Presentation of Congress
Zemira Biondi

anna_funicelli1_p.jpg 16:10
Session: Self-fulfilment in contemporary psychology
Moderator: Anna Funicelli
pasquale_ionata_.jpg 16:15 - download pdf:
Psychology and Communion:  its origins, development and objectives
Pasquale Ionata
roberto_almada_p.jpg 17:05 - download pdf:
Self-fulfilment in contemporary psychology.
Roberto Almada Careño
pietro_cavaleri_p.jpg 18:15 - download pdf:
Self-fulfilment in Post-Modernity.
Pietro Andrea Cavaleri
roundtable_interculturale_p.jpg 19:00
Roundtable - The question of 'self: A intercultural  approach
USA – America Latina – Europa - Africa.
Moderator: Enrico Molinari
zemira_biondi1_p.jpg 9:30
Introduction of the day
Zemira Biondi
marcelo_claria_p.jpg 9:40
Session II: The sense of self and the encounter with others.
Moderator: Marcelo Clarià
alba_sgariglia_p.jpg 9:50 - download pdf:
Introduction to a written Chiara Lubich
Alba Sgariglia
Risurrezione di Roma - text
vera_araujo_p.jpg 10:50 - download pdf:
Relationships with others: in search of a reference point
Vera Araújo
simonetta_magari_p.jpg 11:50 - download pdf:
The sense of self, the encounter with others and accepting our limits
Simonetta Magari
marcelo_claria2_p.jpg 15:30
Session III: The story of every person, their relationships and their life in community
Moderator: Marcelo Clarià
sala9.jpg 15:35


adam_biela_p.jpg 15:45 - download pdf:
The paradigm of unity in psychology
Adam Biela
antonella_deponte_p.jpg 16:15 - download pdf:
The meeting with  others in relationships of communion
Antonella Deponte
sala7.jpg 17:10 - download pdf:
The sense of self as  historical perspective
Salvatore Ventriglia
alberta_rotteglia_p.jpg 17:40 - download pdf:
When can an existence, a life, can be defined "successful"?
Alberta Rotteglia
sala1.jpg 18:05 - download pdf:
The sense of self and suffering
Elisabeth Reichel
sala9_b.jpg 19:00
Presentations in three simultaneous workshops
zemira_biondi3_p.jpg 9:00
Introduction of the day
Zemira Biondi
fiorella_sestigiani_p.jpg 9:05
Session IV -  Reaching fulfilment in the post-modern era.
Moderator: Fiorella Sestigiani
sala3.jpg 9:15 - download pdf:
Relationships of reciprocity as a source of development of the child and society
Ezio Aceti
fabiana_gatti_p.jpg 9:40 - download pdf:
Reaching fulfilment as individuals and as a couple:moving between reciprocity and loss of self
Anna Funicelli e Fabiana Gatti
ines_nin_marquez_p.jpg 10:05 - download pdf:
Corporeity and postmodernism
Ines Nin Marques
nancy_o_donel_pl.jpg 10:30 - download pdf:
Group therapy : reaching fulfilment with others
Nancy O’Donell
roundtable_interdisciplinar.jpg 11:20
Round table - Self-fulfilment in the post-modern era: an interdisciplinary perspective
Philosophy - Anna Pelli; Pedagogy - Giuseppe Milan; Sociology - Gennaro Iorio; Art - Liliana Cosi
Moderator: Pietro Andrea Cavaleri
sala4.jpg 12:30
Anna Funicelli; Marcelo Clarià; Pasquale Ionata e Elisabeth Reichel

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